MTQ Plus Test

The MTQ Plus is the leading global psychometric measure for measuring mental toughness

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The MTQ Plus is the leading global psychometric measure for measuring mental toughness with the following features ;

  • Measures how people think in the 4 areas of Control, Commitment Challenge and Confidence 
  • Highly valid and reliable and strongly evidenced based 
  • Contemporary and gender neutral 
  • 74 questions and 13 valuable data points 
  • Simple to understand and analyse 
  • Takes 15 minutes online -produces 3 insightful Reports for personal reflection , coaching development and selection 

The MTQPlus assessment measures mindset on 8 scales  – the four C’s and two additional subscales for each.

The MTQPlus Assessment price Includes all (remote) administration, processing and an electronic format Individual feedback report. This provides a sten score and narrative for each scale and sub-scale as well as an overall mental toughness score. The report also contains suggestions for development activity.

Further remote guidance and support also available on request.

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