Developing Employability and Enterprise Book

Coaching Strategies for Success in the Workplace

By Doug Strycharczyk & Charlotte Bosworth

Published by Kogan Page


About the book

Developing Employability and Enterprise shows how to help others develop the behaviours and attributes needed to thrive in the modern workplace. It offers coaches, career advisors and educators a complete guide to what employability looks like in the 21st century, both for new entrants to the world of work and those finding themselves in situations where they need to secure a new job or even career. The book shows how employability can be measured and how skills and attributes such as resilience, confidence, motivation, dealing with others, overcoming challenges and entrepreneurship can be developed through coaching and mentoring.

Supported by the latest research from academia, government bodies, and practitioners, Developing Employability and Enterprise brings together some of the most influential thinkers around the world to offer a new approach to career management that looks beyond simply offering advice on résumés and CVs, job applications, job searches and interviews. It offers practical guidance on what attributes to develop and tools for how to do this including assessment options, sample exercises, notes on how to use the concepts in practice and global case studies.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter – 1: Why employability;
  • Chapter – 2: The growing importance of employability – schools;
  • Chapter – 3: Models of employability;
  • Chapter – 4: Developing employability and enterprise: Tackling the challenge of youth unemployment and social mobility;
  • Chapter – 5: Developing mental readiness for the world of work – building confidence and understanding employment journeys;
  • Chapter – 6: Assess myself for jobs and careers;
  • Chapter – 7: Giving young people a clear line of sight to work;
  • Chapter – 8: Helping individuals develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills;
  • Chapter – 9: Skills in dealing with people – team working, altruism, emotional intelligence, assertiveness and co-operation;
  • Chapter – 10: Making the best choices for jobs, careers and study;
  • Chapter – 11: Presenting personal information for employers;
  • Chapter – 12: Selection – Interviews and assessments centres/tests;
  • Chapter – 13: Delivering effective work experience;
  • Chapter – 14: More than being Richard Branson;
  • Chapter – 15: Coaching for employability and enterprise;
  • Chapter – 16: Developing mindset and mental toughness;
  • Chapter – 17: Global perspectives – China and the Far East;
  • Chapter – 18: Lifelong learning is the key to employability and economic vitality;
  • Chapter – 19: Employability and enterprise;
  • Chapter – 20: Employability training and coaching to clients with mental health problems;
  • Chapter – 21: The role of sport in developing life skills, employability and enterprise


Written in a concise, conversational, accessible and persuasive way, it’s like having a toolkit to employability success at your fingertips.
Shane Mann, Managing Director Lsect Ltd, Publisher of Schools Week and FE Week

Understanding how to develop the skills and mindset needed to improve success is key. Charlotte and Doug are experts in their field and have really got to the heart of the subject in this book.
Laura Jane Rawlings, Founder, Youth Employment UK (YEUK)

a much needed book for people of all ages as positive career development becomes a crucial component of a flourishing life. In particular, understanding and learning the skills of mental toughness proactively will allow individuals to be persistent in the face of setbacks and challenges in a highly competitive world. It also most importantly creates the psychological flexibility to adapt to inevitable changes in the future career market.
Dr Suzy Green, CEO, The Positivity Institute, Australia

Employability is a complex area which goes beyond qualifications, personal skills and interests to touch base with aspects such as intrapersonal perceptions…. [T]his great book has an immense amount of information that will help to guide you sequentially. I recommend it highly for everyone who in this field.
Aisha Al Suwaidi, CEO, HR Policies Sector, Federal Authority of Government in the UAE

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